F.A.F.C. Went
Prof. dr. F.A.F.C. Went
F. A. F. C. Went, was professor of botany and director of the Botanical Garden at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands where he initiated the study of plant hormones and advanced the study of botany in the Netherlands. The director and his family lived in a 300-year-old mansion in the middle of the Botanical Garden.

A son, Frits Warmolt Went, was born there in 1903. Because the well-known and respected Professor Went presided over a modern, well-equipped laboratory of botany, he attracted a great many visitors from all over the world, many of them famous in their own right. Young Frits benefited not only from acquaintance with such people, but also from the inquisitive intellectual environment of the laboratory; from witnessing the use of rather sophisticated equipment in experiments on plants; and from being exposed to the approaches used by young investigators to attack a broad range of interesting scientific problems. When the younger Went graduated from university, he continued with graduate research in his father's department. Then Frits began a career abroad in plant physiology in Java, and moved in 1933 to Cal Tech where he distinguished himself as the plant hormone researcher who studied and named auxins.

The Utrecht Biologists Society (UBV) was founded at the University of Utrecht, on 19 February 1924, by professor F.A.F.C. Went. Together with professor Dr. A. Hartsema, Went founded a committee whose objective was to bring botanists from central Europe to the Netherlands. The botanists were to deliver fund raising lectures for research projects in their own country, many of which were suffering economic hardship. The committee was soon joined by zoologists, and the first governing board of the UBV was founded.


The University of Utrecht has named their modern science complex - the F.A.F.C. Went Building -  in commemoration of his distinguished work at the institution.