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Scientist Quotations Index for Initial P

This dictionary includes science quotes from archaeologists, biologists, chemists, geologists, inventors and inventions, mathematicians, physicists plus pioneers in medicine, science events and technology.

A scientist quotation page heading may include a link to a short biography of the scientist or description of the event corresponding to a day in Science History.

David Packard
Heinz R. Pagels
Sir James Paget
Camille Paglia
Thomas Paine
Abraham Pais
William Paley
Bernard Palissy
Pyotr Simon Pallas
Friedrich Adolf Paneth
George N. Papanicolaou
Seymour Papert
Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus
Vilfredo Pareto
Ambroise Paré
Joseph Parker
Theodore Parker
Charles Henry Parkhurst
Cyril Northcote Parkinson
Talcott Parsons
James Riddick (J. R.) Partington
Blaise Pascal
Boris Pasternak
Louis Pasteur
Coventry Kersey Dighton Patmore
Mark Pattison
George S. Patton
Aimι Henri Paulian
Ava Helen Pauling
Linus Pauling
Wolfgang Pauli
Saint Paul
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
Sir Joseph Paxton
Rembrandt Peale
Giuseppe Peano
Karl Pearson
Donald Culross Peattie
Benjamin Peirce
Charles Sanders Peirce
Edmund D. Pellegrino
Pierre-Joseph Pelletier
Henry Pemberton
Marzari Giuseppe Pencati
Isaac Penington
Granville Penn
Sir Roger Penrose
Nikolaos A. Peppas
Samuel Pepys
Daniel Anthony Perasa
Sir William Perkin
Martin Perl
Claude Perrault
Jean Perrin
Jean Perronet
Ralph Barton Perry
Ted Perry
Max Ferdinand Perutz
Roger Tory Peterson
James A. Peters
Laurence J. Peter
Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
Henry Petroski
Sir William Petty
Christoph Heinrich Pfaff
Carl Pfeufer
Gaius Julius Phaedrus
Prince Philip Mountbatten
John Phillips
Melba Newell Phillips
Sir Richard Phillips
Eden Phillpotts
Jean Piaget
Ιmile Picard
Jean Picard
Pablo Picasso
Auguste Piccard
Edward Charles Pickering
Marc-Auguste Pictet
Raymond T. Pierrehumbert
Sir Alastair Pilkington
Gifford Pinchot
Sir Brian Pippard
Luigi Pirandello
Norman Wingate Pirie
Baron Clemens von Pirquet
Robert Pirsig
Bartholomeo Pitiscus
Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers
Pope Pius XI
George Placzek
James Robinson Planchι
Max Planck
Robert Platt (Lord Platt of Grindleford)
John Playfair
Lyon Playfair
William Playfair
Pliny the Elder
Mark J. Plotkin
Noel-Antoine Pluche
John Harold Plumb
Edgar Allan Poe
Frederik Pohl
Henri Poincarι
Simιon-Denis Poisson
John C. Polanyi
Michael Polanyi
John Charlton Polkinghorne
Marcus Vitrivius Pollio
Marco Polo
George Pólya
Enrique Jardiel Poncela
Jean-Victor Poncelet
Cyril Ponnamperuma
Charles Poore
Charles Lane Poor
Alexander Pope
Sir William Jackson Pope
Karl Raimund Popper
Cole Porter
Sir George Porter
Noah Porter
Rufus Porter
Sandra Postel
Neil Postman
Ezra Loomis Pound
Colin L. Powell
Winthrop Praed
Terry Pratchett
Sir William Henry Preece
Frank Press
Joseph Prestwich
William Thierry Preyer
Derek J. de Solla Price
Don (Krasher) Price
John Boynton (J. B.) Priestley
Joseph Priestley
Ilya Prigogine
Jerilynn Prior
Matthew Prior
George Prochaska
Marcel Proust
William Prout
African Proverb
Chinese Proverb
English Proverb
Greek Proverb
Italian Proverb
Jewish Proverb
Roumainan Proverb
Scottish Proverb
Spanish Proverb
Welsh Proverb
Emerson M. Pugh
Philip Pullman
Reginald C. Punnett
Michael Idvorsky Pupin
Edward Mills Purcell
Hilary Putnam
Thomas Pynchon

Carl Sagan Thumbnail In science it often happens that scientists say, 'You know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken,' and then they would actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn't happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion. (1987) -- Carl Sagan
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- 100 -
Sophie Germain
Gertrude Elion
Ernest Rutherford
James Chadwick
Marcel Proust
William Harvey
Johann Goethe
John Keynes
Carl Gauss
Paul Feyerabend
- 90 -
Antoine Lavoisier
Lise Meitner
Charles Babbage
Ibn Khaldun
Ralph Emerson
Robert Bunsen
Frederick Banting
Andre Ampere
Winston Churchill
- 80 -
John Locke
Bronislaw Malinowski
Thomas Huxley
Alessandro Volta
Erwin Schrodinger
Wilhelm Roentgen
Louis Pasteur
Bertrand Russell
Jean Lamarck
- 70 -
Samuel Morse
John Wheeler
Nicolaus Copernicus
Robert Fulton
Pierre Laplace
Humphry Davy
Thomas Edison
Lord Kelvin
Theodore Roosevelt
Carolus Linnaeus
- 60 -
Francis Galton
Linus Pauling
Immanuel Kant
Martin Fischer
Robert Boyle
Karl Popper
Paul Dirac
James Watson
William Shakespeare
- 50 -
Stephen Hawking
Niels Bohr
Nikola Tesla
Rachel Carson
Max Planck
Henry Adams
Richard Dawkins
Werner Heisenberg
Alfred Wegener
John Dalton
- 40 -
Pierre Fermat
Edward Wilson
Johannes Kepler
Gustave Eiffel
Giordano Bruno
JJ Thomson
Thomas Kuhn
Leonardo DaVinci
David Hume
- 30 -
Andreas Vesalius
Rudolf Virchow
Richard Feynman
James Hutton
Alexander Fleming
Emile Durkheim
Benjamin Franklin
Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Hooke
Charles Kettering
- 20 -
Carl Sagan
James Maxwell
Marie Curie
Rene Descartes
Francis Crick
Michael Faraday
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Francis Bacon
Galileo Galilei
- 10 -
John Watson
Rosalind Franklin
Michio Kaku
Isaac Asimov
Charles Darwin
Sigmund Freud
Albert Einstein
Florence Nightingale
Isaac Newton

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