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Scientist Quotations Index for Initial H

This dictionary includes science quotes from archaeologists, biologists, chemists, geologists, inventors and inventions, mathematicians, physicists plus pioneers in medicine, science events and technology.

A scientist quotation page heading may include a link to a short biography of the scientist or description of the event corresponding to a day in Science History.

Jόrgen Habermas
Fritz Haber
Ernst Haeckel
Peter Haggett
Samuel Hahnemann
Otto Hahn
Vrjo Haila
Baron Quintin Hogg Hailsham of St. Marylebone
J.B.S. Haldane
John Scott Haldane
Peter Bacon Hales
Stephen Hales
Alan Hale
George Ellery Hale
Albrecht von Haller
Edmond Halley
G. Stanley Hall
Sir James Hall
Joseph Hall
Marshall Hall
Paul R. Halmos
William Stewart Halsted
Alexander Hamilton
Alice Hamilton
Sir William Hamilton
Sir William Hamilton
Sir William Rowan Hamilton
Louis Plack Hammett
Richard Hamming
William Alexander Hammond
Jack Handey
Ruth Handler
Roger T. Hanlon
Norwood Russell Hanson
Paul Hansen
Donna Haraway
Garrett Hardin
G. H. Hardy
Thomas Hardy
W. B. Hardy
Julius Hare
Lawrence Hargrave
Alfred Harker
Adolf von Harnack
John L. Harper
Robert Harper
Carl Dietrich Harries
Robert Harrington
Edward Robert Harrison
Arno Harris
Larry D. Harris
Pierce Harris
Robert Harris
Sidney Harris
Sydney J. Harris
William T Harris
David Hartley
L. P. Hartley
Robert Hartmann
Moses Harvey
Sir (Henry) Paul Harvey
William Harvey
Charles Hatchett
Senator Orrin Hatch
Renι-Just Haόy
Vαclav Havel
Stephen W. Hawking
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Benjamin Robert Haydon
William Hazlitt
Lafcadio Hearn
Oliver Heaviside
Donald O. Hebb
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Sir Ian Morris Heilbron
Heinrich Heine
Robert Heinlein
Henry John Heinz
Werner Heisenberg
Hermann von Helmholtz
Jan Baptista van Helmont
Arthur Helps
Philip Showalter Hench
John B. Henck
Lawrence Joseph Henderson
Friedrich Gustav Jacob de Henle
Robert Henri
Buck Henry
Joseph Henry
Patrick Henry
Thomas Henry
John Stevens Henslow
Frank Herbert
Nick Herbert
Johann Gottfried Herder
Hugo Emil Hergesell
Charles Hermite
Don Herold
Robert Herrick
Dudley R. Herschbach
Caroline Lucretia Herschel
Sir John Herschel
Sir William Herschel
Alfred Day Hershey
Oskar Hertwig
Ejnar Hertzsprung
Heinrich Hertz
Alexander Herzen
Mary B. Hesse
Harry Hammond Hess
Norriss S. Hetherington
Wilhelm (William) C. Heuper
Johannes Hevelius
Antony Hewish
Peter Cooper Hewitt
Jack H. Hexter
Thor Heyerdahl
Albert Hibbs
William Mitchinson Hicks
Peter Higgs
David Hilbert
Earl M. Hildebrand
Joel H. Hildebrand
A.V. Hill
Austin Bradford Hill
James Hilton
Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood
Wilhelm His
Edward Hitchcock
Christopher Hitchens
Adolf Hitler
Johan Hjort
Sarah Hoare
Thomas Hobbes
William Herbert Hobbs
Dee W. Hock
Sir Alan Hodgkin
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Eric Hoffer
Roald Hoffmann
Banesh Hoffmann
Albert Hofmann
August Wilhelm von Hofmann
Wilhelm Hofmeister
Douglas Hofstadter
Richard Hofstadter
James P. Hogan
David George Hogarth
Lancelot Hogben
Paul Henri Thiry, Baron D’ Holbach
William Holden
Josiah Gilbert Holland
Thomas Henry Holland
R.J. Hollingdale
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Gerald Holton
Tom Holt
William Hood
Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker
Robert Hooke
Wynnard Hooper
Earnest A. Hooton
Herbert Hoover
Theodore Jesse (T. J.) Hoover
Riljer Hooykaas
Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Harold Horace Hopkins
Grace Hopper
Frank Hornby
Leonard Horner
Karen Horney
Norman Harold Horowitz
Pνo del Rio Hortega
Jerome Horwitz
Sir John Houghton
Rev. Lynn Harold Hough
Robert Ernest House
A. E. Housman
Neale Eltinge Howard
William Dean Howells
Sir Fred Hoyle
Elbert (Green) Hubbard
Kin Hubbard
Marion King Hubbert
Edwin Powell Hubble
David Hunter Hubel
Kurt Hόbner
William Henry Hudson
Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland
Maurice Loyal Huggins
Sir William Huggins
Langston Hughes
Victor Hugo
Milton La Salle Humason
Baron Alexander von Humboldt
Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinan von Humboldt
David Hume
Friedrich Hund
John Hunter
William Hunter
Ellsworth Huntington
Robert Hunt
Zora Neale Hurston
Magnus Huss
Ross Hutchins
James Hutton
Aldous (Leonard) Huxley
Sir Julian Huxley
Thomas Henry Huxley
Christiaan Huygens
Libbie Henrietta Hyman

Carl Sagan Thumbnail In science it often happens that scientists say, 'You know that's a really good argument; my position is mistaken,' and then they would actually change their minds and you never hear that old view from them again. They really do it. It doesn't happen as often as it should, because scientists are human and change is sometimes painful. But it happens every day. I cannot recall the last time something like that happened in politics or religion. (1987) -- Carl Sagan
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Quotations about: • Atomic  Bomb • Biology • Chemistry • Deforestation • Engineering • Anatomy • Astronomy • Bacteria • Biochemistry • Botany • Conservation • Dinosaur • Environment • Fractal • Genetics • Geology • History of Science • Invention • Jupiter • Knowledge • Love • Mathematics • Measurement • Medicine • Natural Resource • Organic Chemistry • Physics • Physician • Quantum Theory • Research • Science and Art • Teacher • Technology • Universe • Volcano • Virus • Wind Power • Women Scientists • X-Rays • Youth • Zoology  ... (more topics)
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- 100 -
Sophie Germain
Gertrude Elion
Ernest Rutherford
James Chadwick
Marcel Proust
William Harvey
Johann Goethe
John Keynes
Carl Gauss
Paul Feyerabend
- 90 -
Antoine Lavoisier
Lise Meitner
Charles Babbage
Ibn Khaldun
Ralph Emerson
Robert Bunsen
Frederick Banting
Andre Ampere
Winston Churchill
- 80 -
John Locke
Bronislaw Malinowski
Thomas Huxley
Alessandro Volta
Erwin Schrodinger
Wilhelm Roentgen
Louis Pasteur
Bertrand Russell
Jean Lamarck
- 70 -
Samuel Morse
John Wheeler
Nicolaus Copernicus
Robert Fulton
Pierre Laplace
Humphry Davy
Thomas Edison
Lord Kelvin
Theodore Roosevelt
Carolus Linnaeus
- 60 -
Francis Galton
Linus Pauling
Immanuel Kant
Martin Fischer
Robert Boyle
Karl Popper
Paul Dirac
James Watson
William Shakespeare
- 50 -
Stephen Hawking
Niels Bohr
Nikola Tesla
Rachel Carson
Max Planck
Henry Adams
Richard Dawkins
Werner Heisenberg
Alfred Wegener
John Dalton
- 40 -
Pierre Fermat
Edward Wilson
Johannes Kepler
Gustave Eiffel
Giordano Bruno
JJ Thomson
Thomas Kuhn
Leonardo DaVinci
David Hume
- 30 -
Andreas Vesalius
Rudolf Virchow
Richard Feynman
James Hutton
Alexander Fleming
Emile Durkheim
Benjamin Franklin
Robert Oppenheimer
Robert Hooke
Charles Kettering
- 20 -
Carl Sagan
James Maxwell
Marie Curie
Rene Descartes
Francis Crick
Michael Faraday
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Francis Bacon
Galileo Galilei
- 10 -
John Watson
Rosalind Franklin
Michio Kaku
Isaac Asimov
Charles Darwin
Sigmund Freud
Albert Einstein
Florence Nightingale
Isaac Newton

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